In a previous blog I have written about my mini-PC that was setup as the server. I have decided to move everything from OneDrive (my OneDrive space was limited from 30 Gb to 7 due to last Microsft rule changes) The most known self-hosted solution is ownCloud. Written in PHP, easy to install - it just fits requirements. Unfortunately, it turned out that the newest version has no Windows support (via FastCGI).

After digging somewhere on the internet I have found syncthing. It offers an alternative approach. There is no central server - everything is based on distributed sharing. Dedicated client for windows (client app is server itself), easy install. So what is the problem? Imagine the situation, when you are at friend’s home. You need to download the file from your cloud. A friend didn’t know about syncthing before. So you need to download the app, allow new client to “join” your devices network and viola. There is no web client that could be very use full in some scenarios.

I could not find any 3rd solutions that could offer some PHP-or-whatever site to integrate with the new cloud. But wait. I’m a programmer!

Syncting Web UI

Syncthing Web UI is web app that reads metadata from syncthing config file and offers basic functionality as web client:

  • Watching syncthing config file changes
  • Reading folders content
  • Downloading files & folders
  • Sharing files
  • Users management (with folders permissions)

Some nice screenshots:





You can find more about project on GitHub.

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